Performance Catalysts

We are performance catalysts.

Our collaborative team of experienced executives have a track record of delivering transformation programs in organizations of different size, industry and commercial status.  KR Strategy operates in a number of locations across the world with central offices in the United States and Australia.

We use a proven, proprietary method - Ignition - to bring cohesion to teams and create a shared understanding of what needs to be done to successfully deliver on your strategy.


We unleash the potential of individuals, teams and organizations.

Why Us

We are outcome focused.  We move with speed.  We catalyze strategy execution.

We differentiate ourselves by championing:

Co-creation: we create environments where solutions are crafted through collaboration and dialogue, not product and instruction.

Ownership: we help build the capability of your team to own solutions, their execution and the sustainability of the initiatives they help create.

Iteration: we work with you to develop better solutions that evolve as your team’s capability grows. Your best solution will evolve from the clarity, cohesion and discipline that develops with improved capability.